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  1. Katie C.
    Description: In September of 2015, my mom, the kindest, silliest, most ridiculous person I had ever known, was diagnosed with lung cancer.
  2. Virginia G.
    Description: After smoking for 55 years, I promised my twin granddaughters I'd quit smoking last year. I quit on my anniversary to honor my late husband.
  3. Lionel M.
    Description: I'm now 62 years old and thanks to my doctor I will be able to see 63 and more.
  4. Pamela U.
    Description: My mother, Kay, hadn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks. She had a cough that just wouldn't go away, a shortness of breath that was getting bothersome. After a busy football Saturday in mid-September of 2008, I took my mother to an Urgent Care facility. In the days after that, our lives were changed forever. My mother, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer.
  5. Shannon S.
    Description: After several years of supporting the Komen 5K Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Research, it dawned on me that I was supporting the wrong cause.
  6. Cathy P.
    Description: In April or May 2017 I was at the Morning Drive office of Kern Radiology. I saw a Saved By The Scan sign in the waiting room. A couple of days later I received a letter from Kern Radiology telling me I was eligible for a low-dose CT scan at no cost to me.
  7. Jessica D.
    Description: At the age of 37 I was blindsided with my lung cancer diagnosis. I had been battling what my doctors swore was bronchitis for almost two months, a debilitating cough which could not be eased with anything. After several visits to my family doctor a chest X-ray then chest CT was finally ordered which showed pneumonia in my right lung.
  8. Paul S.
    Description: I am a 68-year-old adult man who lives with asthma and chronic bronchitis. When I was a child, my parents were heavy smokers and I lived in this environment until I got married at the age of 22.
  9. Becky R.
    Description: I smoked for more than 30 years. I quit eight years ago. I read an article on my tablet about the CT scan. I asked my doctor about it and I had it done in January.
  10. Linda S.
    Description: My cousin was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 63 years old.
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