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  1. Sandy B.
    Description: I never thought I would be telling you this story about my life. It was in April of 2017 I went to the doctor for a return check up. I had been having a cough that would not go away. Doctor said it was allergies.
  2. Donna C.
    Description: Beginning of August 2017, I was having trouble catching my breath. It was a Friday night at work. After work I went to Urgent Care. They took a chest x-ray. No pneumonia, but called me Monday after radiologist looked at x-ray.
  3. Russell W.
    Description: At the age of 10 I was diagnosed with asthma. At 36 I had a stroke. The paramedics came and visited me in hospital after I had my stroke as they didn't believe I had survived. After rebuilding my life after the stroke, I was hit with yet another health issue at 45 – COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
  4. Carla G.
    Description: In January, 2014, I decided to have a scan, as my children's father was dying of lung cancer and I was an ex-smoker, for nine years at the time. The scan was only $49 here at IU Ball Memorial and was like any other ct scan, quick and painless. A small nodule was found in my left lung, and I was encouraged to have a follow up scan in six months.
  5. Marlena T.
    Description: My mother suffered from COPD for the past 16 years. It slowly stole her independence. First, she got winded walking long distances, then she started having trouble at work, then she was no longer able to work at all.
  6. Cindy W.
    Description: I am 59 years old and a lung cancer survivor. First, a little history. I started smoking cigarettes as a teenager at the age of 14. I smoked steadily for the next 18 years and finally quit cold turkey in 1991.
  7. Kendra P.
    Description: Starting smoking young, I was never a heavy smoker due to budget. I then was fortunate to gain employment with a major cigarette company. The company was fabulous to the employees including providing us with free cigarettes and the ability to smoke in many sections of the building. Sitting at a desk all day, I had a cigarette burning most of the time. We smoked in meetings, etc.
  8. Catherine W.
    Description: If you are looking for a happy not read this story about my hero, my daughter, Tiffany.
  9. Sherri R.
    Description: My father started smoking at age 17. During that time, growing up in Jamaica, he was viewed as a man. This was also decades before the dangers of smoking was advertised to the public.
  10. Marta U.
    Description: My name is Marta and this August hopefully I will celebrate my 10-year cancer free anniversary. I am a stage 1 lung cancer survivor: my lung cancer was found by accident. During a routine physical my doctor advised me that I had elevated cholesterol and should consider taking a statin.
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