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  1. Ashley S.
    Description: In July 2017, I went to see a pulmonologist for shortness of breath, thinking it was probably only asthma. After an x-ray revealed a spot on my left lung my mind began racing. I was confident that since I was only 34 years old and never a smoker that everything would be fine.
  2. Thomas C.
  3. Penny G.
    Description: My mother, Gloria Young, was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer in 2006. My mother was determined to fight it, but the cancer had already taken over. She died less than six months later at the age of 61.
  4. Bettye G.
    Description: Last fall, I had a physical examination and I asked for a CT scan. I met the recommended requirements and was approved for a low-dose CT scan. The results were shocking! There was a benign nodule on my left lung and it was removed using a procedure called re-sectioning.
  5. Lydia J.
    Description: I've learned several things since being diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2016. You must advocate for yourself, the disease is not just for smokers, it's not an automatic death sentence, and it causes you to prioritize your life. I began coughing blood in early 2016.
  6. Jeffrey T.
    Description: My story begins in the summer of 2009 when I had an appointment with my doctor for a severe cough after eating. My doctor told me I needed to change my diet and lose weight, which I did.
  7. Sam Z.
    Description: In November of 2017 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It has truly hit home for me and it hurts me deeply that I cannot help. I want to raise awareness for such a terrible disease to help prevent this feeling for others!
  8. Darlene B.
    Description: I was very tired so my medical doctor ordered a sleep study for me and then the suggested I go see a lung doctor. I had slight sleep apnea the doctor suggested If I would want to be tested for lung cancer screening because I was over 50 and been smoking for 30 years.
  9. Barb R.
    Description: My story begins with a persistent cough that was diagnosed as pneumonia with no x-ray done. The medication I was given did not work, back to the doctor (twice), more medication that still did not help.
  10. Tina A.
    Description: My journey started December of 2016. I had a regular PCP visit for which I was being treated for chronic back pain (thoracic area). The medication I was taking was not working as well as it should so my doctor said, "Let's just do an x-ray and see if we can see anything."
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