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  1. Julie V.
    Description: I've been a nurse for over five years in various departments such as emergency medicine, cardiac floor and recover room. I've seen all the devastating effects smoking has on your body - from COPD to lung cancer.
  2. Rachel K.
  3. Julie C.
    Description: My face is the face of stage 4 lung cancer. This picture depicts the deep love I have for my only child, gifted to me by God just six years ago. Can you imagine how deeply my life was changed when I found out in September of 2016 I had lung cancer?
  4. Elizabeth T.
    Description: Dad started when he was only 12 years old, long before people knew smoking caused cancer. By his 30s he was smoking 3-4 packs a day of Pall Mall. We were little then and we actually liked the smell of tobacco on his clothes, because when he was around we'd be at play or story telling or enjoying his favorite music together.
  5. Shannon W.
    Description: My story is a little different. I am 46 years old and smoked for about 20 years having quit in 2009. I work at an imaging facility and we starting Lung Cancer Screenings a few years ago. One of our radiologists, who was aware of my smoking history, mentioned to me quite often that having a lung cancer screening would be a good idea.
  6. Kathy C.
    Description: Just two months after finishing his fourth half marathon, my husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. He was 42.
  7. Donna D. B.
    Description: I want to share my testimony to be an encourager to those who are walking with the news that they have lung cancer. The first words that need to come out of my mouth is: cancer is the small c, because Christ is the Big C.
  8. Charlene F.
    Description: My pulmonologist recommended I get a CT Scan after treatment for a persistent cough lasting a couple of weeks which was thought to have been Bronchitis did not go away. I was diagnosed in March 2016 with stage 1 lung cancer. A biopsy showed that 10 out of 15 lymph nodes had microscopic cancer cells which then put me into stage 3.
  9. Janice S.
    Description: My husband Pete was diagnosed with non-small cell Adenocarcinoma in May 2015. No symptoms until he was Stage IV.
  10. Sierra S.
    Description: Twenty-three years ago the most amazing person I know brought me into the world, my mother. I have never met a more loving, voice of reason in my life.
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