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We all have a reason to fight for clean air. Check out some personal stories below that highlight the need for healthy, safe air.

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  • Laura K., NC

    There were even moments when all three had attacks at the same time. It was frightening and overwhelming to spend so...Read more

  • Chandra B., OH

    An ambulance rushed Jovante to the hospital where it was confirmed that his asthma attack had caused him to suffer...Read more

  • Ceylon L., PA

    Everyone knew that cigarettes were bad for their lungs after the research was released. Now we’re trying to get...Read more

  • Christine R., PA

    As a country we’re finally at the point where our air and water is being protected, and we even have preventative...Read more

  • Martha R., CT

    On bad air days, my peak flow meter shows my difficulties. I cannot walk or garden outdoors as I love to do. I believe...Read more

  • Anne L., OH

    My life has been saved. I have been given a second chance, so I don't want the government to ruin the air we breathe by...Read more

  • Anita W., AL

    I have asthma, my children have asthma and my grandchildren (all four of them) have asthma. My mom had asthma and died...Read more

  • Anomous A., AL

    During the day not as much is being burned, if at all, but the sight of the smoldering fumes remains prevalent. I have...Read more

  • Barbara C., MT

    I'm concerned for all the right reasons; without clean air, babies to the elderly are affected daily. It's difficult to...Read more

  • Ashlyn V., PA

    When my school friends were outside enjoying snow days, I had to stay inside due to the wheezing, coughing and...Read more

  • Cynthia R., IL

    I'm 70 years old and have end stage lung disease. I have all three components: bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

    Read more
  • Dale C., AK

    During sugar cane season, it should be illegal to burn the fields because of the pollution it causes! I do believe the...Read more

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Did You Know?

  1. More than 4 out of 10 people live where the air they breathe earned an F in State of the Air 2017.
  2. More than 125 million people live in counties that received an F for either ozone or particle pollution in State of the Air 2017.
  3. More than 18 million people live in counties that got an F for all three air pollution measures in State of the Air 2017.
  4. Breathing ozone irritates the lungs, resulting in something like a bad sunburn within the lungs.
  5. Breathing in particle pollution can increase the risk of lung cancer, according to the World Health Organization.
  6. Particle pollution can also cause early death and heart attacks, strokes and emergency room visits for people with asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  7. Particles are smaller than 1/30th the diameter of a human hair. When you inhale them, they are small enough to get past the body's natural defenses.
  8. Ozone and particle pollution are both linked to increased risk of lower birth weight in newborns.
  9. Do you live near, or work on or near a busy highway? Pollution from the traffic may put you at greater risk of harm.
  10. People who work or exercise outside face increased risk from the effects of air pollution.
  11. Millions of people are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution, including infants, older adults and people with lung diseases like asthma.
  12. People of color and those earning lower incomes are often disproportionately affected by air pollution that put them at higher risk for illnesses.
  13. Air pollution is a serious health threat. It can trigger asthma attacks, harm lung development in children, and can even be deadly.
  14. You can protect your family by checking the air quality forecasts in your community and avoiding exercising or working outdoors when the unhealthy air is expected.
  15. Big polluters and some members of Congress are trying to change the Clean Air Act and dismantle 47 years of progress. The Lung Association is fighting to keep the law strong to continue to protect public health.
  16. Cutting air pollution through the Clean Air Act will prevent at least 230,000 deaths and save $2 trillion annually by 2020.
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