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Shared Air Quality Stories
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We all have a reason to fight for clean air. Check out some personal stories below that highlight the need for healthy, safe air.

Share your own story and tell us how air quality has impacted you.

  • Clay W., TX

    I was born in 1959. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 17. Both of my grandfathers died of cancer the year after I... Read more

  • Julia L., CA

    Our daughter was first hospitalized with RSV at 4-weeks-old. Now 10 years later, she is suffering from serious health... Read more
  • Dianne C., MN

    I left my home in Dane County Wisconsin due to breathing difficulties. Not being able to breathe is a scary feeling and... Read more

  • Pat A., NM

    I have had a deep cough for about 3 to 4 years. A CT scan shows nothing except concha bullosa, but nothing that requires... Read more
  • Linda R., SC

    I have had asthma for over 34 years and developed heart disease 4 years ago. Outside air quality affects my ability to... Read more
  • Debra M., UT

    Last year, I had the last two of SEVEN heart procedures. I am a diabetic, and I believe the bad air quality creates... Read more

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