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Shared Air Quality Stories
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We all have a reason to fight for clean air. Check out some personal stories below that highlight the need for healthy, safe air.

Share your own story and tell us how air quality has impacted you.

  • Ray B., NH

    I have COPD. Read more
  • Ivy S., FL

    It matters because I have a grandson with severe asthma. There are lots of trees on our property. He already deals with... Read more
  • Kathe M., GA

    I have reactive airway disease and have been told if the air doesn't change in Atlanta, I'll need to move. Read more
  • K D., CA

    I have adult onset asthma that is difficult to control despite taking multiple medications. I have three to four major... Read more

  • Jewel G., MN

    I'm concerned about the air quality in the city of Menahga, because I have asthma and I'm suffering a great deal. I'm on a... Read more
  • Linda I., TN

    Imagine a fish trying to breathe in the mud. I have NEVER had allergies or respiratory sensitivities until I moved to... Read more

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