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Improve Asthma Management in Schools

Back to School with Asthma Toolkit

Are you a teacher, school nurse or school staff member interested in creating an asthma-friendly learning environment? Find out how you can keep your students safe and healthy this school year!

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How asthma-friendly is your school? Accounting for more than 10 million lost school days every year, asthma is one of the main illness-related reasons that students miss school. The air children breathe in school is critical to their success in the classroom and their overall health. As a parent or caretaker, learn how you can work with your community to support healthy air at school, keeping students with asthma healthy and ready to learn.

Teachers, school nurses and staff members can all help keep kids with asthma healthy and in school. The American Lung Association, along with partnered school and health-based national organizations, developed a Joint Statement for Improving Asthma Management in Schools. This statement outlines best practices and proven effective strategies that schools can implement to create healthier learning environments.

These tools can help both parents and school staff members learn how to identify and solve air quality issues in schools. Learn more about healthy air in schools.

  • Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative
    Learn how to create a long-term asthma management plan for your school. Get the guidance you need to help your local community plan and implement a comprehensive asthma management program.
  • Asthma Medication in Schools
    Ensure all students with asthma have quick, reliable access to medications. Learn more about the issue and get access to tools and resources that can help improve a student's access to asthma medication in schools.
  • Open Airways For Schools
    Find out more about this empowering asthma self-management program for elementary school children that offers education in a fun, interactive group environment. 
  • Kickin' Asthma
    Learn more about bringing this asthma management program for teens to your community.

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