Preparing for Treatment

Now that you know the different treatment options, it is important to take the steps to prepare for your treatment. You can get ready for treatment by getting to know your care team, treatment guidelines and options. This section will help you prepare and give you tools for making treatment decisions.

Your Lung Cancer Care Team

Your lung cancer team

Each member of your cancer care team has a specific role in your treatment and healing. Make sure you feel comfortable with each member of your team and understand their role in this process. » More

Making Treatment Decisions

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Talking about lung cancer and its treatment options can get confusing. It is important you understand your options. Remember: You are the person most qualified to make decisions about your future. You will feel more in control of the situation when you have information. » More


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You may wonder why doctors suggest certain tests and treatments. Health care teams follows guidelines for treating lung cancer. Using the best practice guidelines helps ensure everyone gets the best possible care. » More



Early detection of lung cancer can increase survival rates. Call the Lung Helpline at 1-800-LUNGUSA or talk to your doctor about lung cancer screening.