Plastic vials from a laboratoryResearch provides hope and save lives. This is especially true when it comes to lung cancer research. Research has helped in the understanding of how lung cancer is caused, how it works, how it can be prevented, how it is detected it and how the various types are best treated.

However, more research is needed as not all our questions have been answered. Lung cancer still remains the leading cause of cancer deaths claiming more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. Yet lung cancer receives significantly less research funding than these other cancers.

The American Lung Association is committed to funding research on lung cancer. As part of our Awards and Grants Program over 20% of funds go towards research on the prevention and treatment of lung cancer. The primary goal of this program is simple: To improve and save lives. Yet, the secondary goal is just as important: To fund top-notch researchers at important crossroads of their careers to gain long-term commitment to lung research. Without the life-long dedication of researchers, important and much needed discoveries would be impossible.

Thanks to the medical breakthroughs led by American Lung Association researchers and their colleagues worldwide, our researchers have made significant contributions to the field of lung cancer. Below are some of our current researchers and their studies. See the full list of American Lung Association funded research projects.

Ramesh Ganju, PhD

Ramesh Ganju

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH » More

Christopher George Slatore, MD

Christopher George Slatore

Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR » More

Jeffrey Engelman, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Engelman

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA » More



Early detection of lung cancer can increase survival rates. Call the Lung Helpline at 1-800-LUNGUSA or talk to your doctor about lung cancer screening.