Find a Flu Shot

The Flu Vaccine Finder, powered by HealthMap, provides information on where to find flu vaccinations.

The 2013-2014 vaccine will be available starting in September and October 2013. Simply enter your zip code to find mapped locations, dates, times, addresses and phone numbers for clinics offering flu shots near you.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has additional flu information and guidelines on who should get a flu vaccine.

Information on the Flu Vaccine Finder is dependent upon vaccine clinics and health departments for providing accurate and up to date information to HealthMap, who administers this tool. The American Lung Association does not assemble, verify or organize such data, or produce or distribute vaccines, or verify or endorse the quality of services provided at any clinic, or provide medical or other advice about who should get a flu vaccine. Links to the Flu Vaccine Finder on this site are provided as a public service to assist individuals in finding vaccine clinics. Individual clinics may experience supply disruptions or may run out of vaccine. The American Lung Association urges all individuals to confirm clinic locations, hours, eligibility and availability. The American Lung Association also urges members of the public to always consult with their own healthcare providers about whether this or any vaccine is appropriate for them.