Living With COPD: Get Social Support

Taking care of your emotional health is a key part of managing your COPD.

Family, friends, co-workers and your healthcare team can give you support in many ways. Some of our publications created specially for you include:

Visit to purchase these COPD resources.

Ask for help with chores and errands. We are pleased to be partners with Lotsa Helping Hands, a private web-based tool that allows you to decide how friends and family can best help out when you need it most.

Better Breather's ClubJoin a COPD support group. Support groups can offer you a place to share your thoughts with others who know what you are going through. The American Lung Association has Better Breathers Clubs all around the country.  Family members and caregivers can also join.

COPD Support for Today, Solutions for Tomorrow

The American Lung Association hosted a COPD webinar where patients and caregivers nationwide had the opportunity to join an informative group discussion. You can listen to the webinar and hear experts discuss the latest COPD treatment options and a real patient and caregiver talk about their experience with COPD. More Information

Lung Connection: Online Support Community

Lung Connection Community

Our free online community for individuals living with lung disease and caregivers. The community is a place for members to discuss how lung disease affects their lives and to share life experiences with peers. » More