Get Involved

See ways you can get involved in supporting and fighting for people living with COPD.



LUNG FORCE unites people to raise awareness and funding for lung health. See how you can attend a LUNG FORCE Expo, share your story, participate in a LUNG FORCE Walk and many more ways to join our cause. » More

COPD Advocacy

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We advocate on behalf of patients with COPD at the federal, state and local levels, and you can too. Learn how you can speak up for policies that keep our communities healthy and safe. » More


Please Consider an Online Donation

By supporting the American Lung Association you help us fight for all those affected by lung disease. Your supports research, program development, public policy, and sharing up-to-date information on respiratory illnesses; their treatment and management. » More


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Volunteers play a vital role in the lives of those with COPD and in the fight against the disease. They help us build a community that provides hope, guidance and support to patients and their families. See how you can help people in need, raise awareness about COPD and give back. » More