Why Use Breathe Well, Live Well

It’s simple – Breathe Well, Live Well works! Developed with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Breathe Well, Live Well has been proven effective through nationwide testing. People in the program report:

  • Less severe asthma
  • Fewer respiratory problems
  • Better ability to stick to their treatment plan


“I loved the asthma class. I learned so much and liked listening to the stories of other people who deal with asthma. I have been taking my controller medicine every day and am feeling good. I’ll like to take another class if you have one.” – An 84 year old Breathe Well, Live Well graduate on the phone two weeks after her class

“I am so glad I came, now I know what to do for myself and my kids.” – A 29 year old Breathe Well, Live Well graduate and mother of two

“I really felt good about the things I learned. The work book, visual aids, and learning the importance of using the aero chamber with my inhaler were the most helpful part of the program.” – A 49 year old Breathe Well, Live Well graduate

What are the Benefits for Organizations?

This highly effective program can be offered anywhere asthma education is needed, including your organization. It’s a smart way to:

  • improve participants’ health,
  • boost employee attendance and productivity, and
  • help reduce medication and other healthcare expenses

Scientific Evidence

Breathe Well, Live Well was adapted from a clinic-based intervention developed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Lung Health Center (Winning Against Asthma, 1986). Results from the original study showed that a comprehensive effort to improve self-management practices in adults with asthma can substantially improve adherence to asthma treatment regimens. Two significant measures that showed improvements were decrease in severity of asthma symptoms and a decrease in the incidence of respiratory problems.

Awards & Recognition

Breathe Well, Live Well received a Silver Award for Patient Education from the National Health Information Awards in 2007.

The National Health Information Awards: Now in its 14th year, the National Health Information Awards program is designed to establish a seal of quality for consumer health information. The awards are organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), a national clearinghouse for consumer health programs & materials. Link: http://www.healthawards.com/nhia/index.htm