Become a Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator

Breathe Well, Live Well is an innovative adult asthma program from the American Lung Association. It’s designed to reduce asthma-related illness and disabilities by building knowledge and self-management skills, making it ideal for hospitals, health plans, businesses, public health agencies or other community-based organizations.

Characteristics of a Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator

A Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator is a person who:

  • Wants to help adults learn how to control their asthma
  • Can relate to adults, offer support for their concerns and refer them for any extra help they may need
  • Helps participants of Breathe Well, Live Well improve their quality of life

We recommend that a Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator be a Certified Asthma Educator, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, or a nurse specialized in treating people with asthma.

Each Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator:

  • Must not have used tobacco in any form for at least 12 months
  • Must have completed the Breathe Well, Live Well facilitator training from the American Lung Association within the last 2 years

Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator Training

Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitators must complete a training workshop conducted by a Certified Breathe Well, Live Well Trainer. The full-day workshop includes a thorough review of the curriculum, tips for working with adults, modeling of appropriate skills to teach adult with asthma, identifying steps to delivery the program and collecting evaluation data.

To find an Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator Training Workshop in your area, contact your local American Lung Association (ALA) by calling 1-800-LUNG-USA or click here to find your local American Lung Association chapter.

Am I Qualified to be a Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator?

  • Professional training in asthma education and management, specifically Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C), Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and other allied health professionals
  • Experience leading or facilitating groups
  • A facilitator should display warmth, be persuasive, have empathy, be enthusiastic and dependable

Expectations of a Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator

  • Teach the Breathe Well, Live Well program as designed
  • Provide special help in-person or by telephone to program participants with problems with the program materials or managing their asthma
  • Lead at least one program per year, which includes coordinating the logistics of the course
  • Attend at least one training recertification/refresher course every two years
  • Collect and submit all evaluation forms to the American Lung Association

Bringing Breathe Well, Live Well to Your Organization

Bring the only adult asthma education program of its kind to your organization. The program was designed with flexibility in mind, so it is well-suited to meet the needs of adults with asthma at your organization or in your community. Contact your local office for more information.