Taking Control of Asthma

Once you have been diagnosed with asthma by your healthcare provider and have an understanding of what it means to have asthma, its time to find out what you can do to manage the disease. Here are six steps you can take to keep your asthma under control:

Step 1: Make Your Medical Visits More Satisfying

There are a number of resources available to help you ask the right questions about asthma management and treatment next time you see your healthcare provider. » More

Step 2: Create an Asthma Management Plan

Learn how to develop a plan between you and your healthcare provider that includes key information on managing your asthma. » More

Step 3: Assess and Monitor Your Control

Common asthma symptoms can include a cough, tight feeling in your chest, wheezing, activity limitation, and feeling tired. Keeping track of your symptoms will help you stay in control. » More

Step 4: Understand Your Medication

There are a variety of medicines available to treat asthma. Each person's asthma is different and your doctor and healthcare team will work with you to set up the best plan for you. » More

Step 5: Reduce Asthma Triggers

Identify your asthma triggers and learn simple ways to limit your exposure or avoid it all together. » More

Step 6: Participate in an Asthma Self-Management Class

Find out through your local Lung Association office if there is an asthma self management class in your area. » More

For Parents of Children with AsthmaFor Parents of Children with Asthma

Having a child with asthma can be a very scary thing. Fortunately, you are not alone. There are many resources and tools to help your child make lifestyle changes to help your child control their asthma and enjoy a full and active life. » More