Asthma Educator Institute

Asthma Educator Institute logo thumbThe Asthma Educator Institute is a two-day preparatory course for those qualified to take the National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB) examination. The American Lung Association Asthma Educator Institute was developed in January of 2003 and was recently updated to reflect the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Expert Panel Report 3: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma.

The curriculum covers the content outlined in the NAECB Candidate Handbook and includes case reviews, hands-on skills demonstration and practice. The course is delivered by asthma experts from your community, including Certified Asthma Educators (AE-C).

Course Objectives & Agenda

The overall course objectives are:

  • To prepare participants to provide NHLBI and NAEPP guideline directed asthma care to patients, families and health care providers across all settings.
  • To identify the various roles of the asthma educator.
  • To help prepare participants to pass the National Asthma Educator Certification Board exam.
  • To Network with healthcare providers/educators and organizations surrounding asthma care and asthma care policies.

Click here to review a sample agenda for the 2-day course.


Here’s what people have been saying about our course:

“Excellent presenters! The reference material is consistent with what is necessary to take the certification exam. The material covered increased my knowledge base and gives me the confidence to address asthma in my practice as an educator. It also gives me confidence to take the certification exam.”

“Just wanted you to know that the workshop was a tremendous help in preparation for the exam. You covered all the major points of the test which really refreshed and reinforced a lot of the fine details for me. Thank you so much for all you support. Keep up all the great work that you do.”

“I now have a better understanding of asthma. It will help me to better explain to my patients about their disease.”

“My objectives were thoroughly met. My knowledge of asthma management was increased. It uncovered my weaknesses and misconceptions and prepared me for the national exam.”

“This program covered more than I expected. I love to see others very interested and excited about asthma education.”

“I am planning on taking the exam and this solidified that I do have the knowledge to take and pass the exam. I did learn some new things.”