Master Planning

Master Planning

The foundation of creating a sustainable, long-term asthma management plan is based on proper planning, strong partnerships, and a thorough school assessment. Since each community has its own unique needs and resources, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to establishing an asthma-friendly school. This makes planning even more important!

The AFSI Toolkit is based on the premise that successful, long-term programs positively impact students with asthma when they are grounded in a structured planning process. There are many ways to plan but this toolkit presents one suggested planning systems organized in Four Action Steps.

All resources provided to guide local planning are based on real-life experience among coalitions and schools. Many of the resources are based on the experience of American Lung Association staff and coalition members who piloted the Toolkit. Before you get started, review the AFSI Planning Challenges & Tips.

Below is a brief summary of the Four Action Steps, including tools and templates to support your activities.

Action Steps