Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative Toolkit

The Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative Toolkit is divided into five major sections that align with the CDC’s Coordinated School Health Model:

  1. Master Planning
  2. Maximizing School Health Services
  3. Building Asthma Education
  4. Providing a Healthy School Environment
  5. Managing Physical Education and Activity

Each major section of the toolkit includes a set of specific strategies, along with sample tools and resources that can be used to put the strategies into action. You can download the information and resources for each strategy separately, or you can download the entire toolkit by clicking here.

The AIR (Asthma Incidence Reporter) Database is a tool designed to assist school nurses in identifying and tracking students with asthma in their schools. It is based on the Asthma Case Management form in the Toolkit and includes three quick reports. These reports can give the school nurse a glance at how many days students with asthma have been absent, a detailed individual student report, or a school report on the cumulative effects of asthma on a school over a specific time frame. Additionally, the data can be exported for detailed analysis by a data specialist.

Click here to download and install the AIR (Asthma Incidence Reporter) Database.

Download and installation instructions: When prompted, choose to save the “air_database.exe” file to your desktop or another easily accessible location on your computer. After the database has finished downloading, double-click on the air_database.exe file to launch the self-extractor. Click on the “Unzip” button to decompress the air_database.exe file. Click on the “Close” button once the files have been successfully unzipped .A folder titled “AIR Database” will be created. Open the AIR Database folder and double-click on the “autostart” icon to launch the database menu.

Master Planning

Maximizing School Health Services

Building Asthma Education

Providing a Healthy School Environment

Managing Physical Education and Activity