National Asthma Public Policy Agenda

The American Lung Association has worked with a number of asthma experts and organizations to identify policy changes that could really make a difference in the fight against asthma. Included are recommended strategies in these six key areas:

Click here to download a copy of the complete National Asthma Public Policy Agenda.

Guide to Asthma Policy for Housing and Schools

Guide to Asthma Policy for Housing and SchoolsTo support your local efforts, the Lung Association has created the Guide to Asthma Policy in order to provide tools and resources for many of the strategies listed above.

Joint Statement on Improving Asthma Management in Schools

On October 16, 2012, the American Lung Association convened a meeting with national school partners to collaborate in support of asthma-friendly schools. An outcome of that meeting was the development of a joint statement that outlines priority strategies and best practices agreed upon by these health and school-based organizations.