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Tuberculosis (TB) Control Incentive Program - Program Cycle

The TB incentive program operates on a calendar year cycle. You may submit the purchase log with attached receipts, the disbursement record, and the reimbursement request to the American Lung Association of Wisconsin anytime during the year, but no later than December 15.

You need not wait until you have spent the entire $100 to submit for reimbursement, nor are you limited to only spending $100. The $100 start-up check was intended to ease cash flow by providing you a base to draw upon.

To keep program administrative costs low and more funds available for incentives, it is helpful if you hold reimbursement requests until you have expensed more than $30-40. It's just not practical to send in a reimbursement request for each little item separately. When the American Lung Association receives the forms, your check will be processed within two to three weeks.

Submit all forms and receipts before December 15 of each calendar year so that the American Lung Association of Wisconsin can track the clients served within that year. This deadline is critical for your reimbursement. Activity for December 15 to 31 may be carried over to the following year but any other the expenses from past years cannot be reimbursed.

You may discontinue participation in the Tuberculosis Control Incentive Program at any time. Resignation from the program requires that the $100 used as a base for the incentive account be returned to the American Lung Association of Wisconsin accompanied by a letter clearly stating your agency's desire to resign from participation in the program. Lack of activity in the Tuberculosis Control Incentive Program does not mandate resignation from the program, as it is understood that significant time periods may be experienced between tuberculosis clients.

Throughout the year, the Lung Association will keep you updated on important information. Call with your questions or concerns at any time.

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