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CAARE Asthma Resources

The American Lung Association and other partners in the CAARE Asthma project offer helpful resources for dealing with asthma. Below are links to organizations with information and tools that can help you prevent asthma episodes in your home or care environment.
Asthma Action Plans
Any child suffering from asthma should have a written asthma action plan. Asthma Action Plans detail critical information, such as medications the child should take, what to do in an emergency, and emergency contacts and phone numbers. Download a free Asthma Action Plan Here.
Indoor Air Quality Checklist
The quality of the air we breathe greatly influences lung health. By ensuring good indoor air quality in your care environment you can reduce or eliminate potential asthma triggers. The Indoor Air Quality Checklist can help identify triggers in your home or classroom.
CAARE Asthma Workshop Schedule
The CAARE Asthma project has created a workshop designed to help parents and caregivers learn more about reducing triggers in their care environment. View schedule to free Cincinnati-area workshops.
American Lung Association
The American Lung Association Web site offers extensive information on lung diseases including asthma. Learn more about asthma management.
Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA)
RAPCA is the regional air pollution control agency for the Miami Valley region. In addition to other services, RAPCA offers information on indoor and outdoor air quality. Find out more about air quality in the Miami Valley here.
Hamilton County Environmental Services
Hamilton County Environmental Services provides environmental information and resources, including information on air quality for Hamilton County.
Ohio Asthma Coalition
The Ohio Asthma Coalition is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with asthma through information-sharing, networking and advocacy. The OAC Web site provides resource links and information on asthma- whether you have asthma, work or care with people with asthma find out more at Ohio Asthma Coalition.

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