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Woodstove Changeout Program in Michigan

Note: All program funds for the Woodstove Changeout Program in Michigan have been committed. Any new applications will go on a waiting list.

The American Lung Association in Michigan is fighting for cleaner air and better health by coordinating financial incentives for residents of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan to replace or retrofit inefficient, higher polluting wood-or coal-burning appliances with cleaner-burning, more energy-efficient heating appliances and technologies.

Starting on January 1, 2017, homeowners of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan that use older wood-or-coal burning heating appliances as their primary or significant heating source may apply for a rebate, depending on the type of replacement appliance.

Eligible Replacement Appliances

This program will replace or retrofit wood-or-coal-burning appliances with cleaner-burning, more energy-efficient heating appliances and technologies. Working with one of our participating retailers, this can be done by replacing or retrofitting older wood- or coal-burning appliances with:

  1. Woodstove catalyst retrofit / replacement
  2. EPA Qualified fireplace retrofit device (for open fireplaces)
  3. EPA Certified freestanding woodstove, fireplace insert, or wood-pellet stove
  4. Energy Efficient gas stove or gas stove insert
  5. EPA Certified Hydronic Heater
  6. Energy Efficient gas furnace or boiler
  7. In addition, in order to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions, a wood moisture meter will be provided to every Program Participant that receives a new wood-burning appliance or retrofits an existing wood-burning appliance. Wood burns best at a moisture content of less than 20 percent.  Testing wood with a wood moisture meter before burning is one way to get the best efficiency out of a wood-burning appliance.

All appliances that are replaced under the changeout program will be permanently removed from use and appropriately disposed of by a qualified retailer and/or installer. 

How It Works

As a homeowner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, you will work with a participating retailers to determine your eligibility and complete the application process. To be eligible, you must be able to answer "yes" to all of the following questions:

  1. Are you a resident of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan?
  2. Do you have a non-EPA certified coal- or wood-burning appliance?
  3. Do you use this appliance regularly?
  4. Does this appliance serve as a primary or significant source of heat in a primary residence (no secondary or vacation homes are eligible) or in a frequently used non-residential building (e.g. churches, greenhouses, schools)?
  5. Do you currently fuel this appliance with wood or coal?
  6. Do you agree to work with a Retailer to go through the application process?
  7. Do you agree to surrender the non-EPA certified appliance to a Retailer to permanently remove from use and appropriately dispose of?
  8. Do you agree to have the new appliance professionally installed by a pre-approved Retailer and/or Installer who maintains professional status with a Michigan Mechanical Contractor's License (no do-it-yourself installations)?

Step-by-Step Guide to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan Woodstove Changeout Program

  1. Select a Participating Retailer in your area.
  2. Submit photos of existing non-EPA certified wood-or-coal burning appliance currently in use as a primary or significant source of heat.  These photos should show the appliance’s manufacturer/model and when possible, the metal tag on the back of the appliance.
  3. Complete Participant Application Form with selected Participating Retailer.
  4. Upon application approval and before the voucher’s expiration date, confirm participation in the Program by selecting a qualifying appliance as recommended by the Retailer and by scheduling installation.
  5. Have installation completed by the Participating Retailer. Installation of the new appliance must be done by a professional holding a Michigan Mechanical Contractor License. No do-it-yourself installations are allowed under the program.
  6. Arrange to have your old appliance permanently removed from use and appropriately disposed of by the qualified retailer or installer.
  7. Learn to use your new appliance the right way by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If your new appliance is a wood-burning appliance, carefully review tips for best burn practices such as using seasoned wood and testing wood with a wood moisture meter before burning it.  Review these and more tips at EPA.gov/burnwise.

Voucher Amounts

Type of Qualifying Appliance for Income Qualified Residential

Incentive Value

Woodstove catalyst retrofit/replacement


EPA Qualified fireplace retrofit device (for open fireplaces)


EPA-certified free standing woodstove or fireplace insert


EPA-certified wood-pellet stove or new gas stove or insert


EPA-certified hydronic heater or new Energy Efficient gas furnace or boiler



How Do I Apply?

Visit a participating retailer near you to start the application process. See below for the list of the participating retailers.

Participating Retailer Forms

Contact Information

Residents: please call the American Lung Association Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA to receive more information about the program.

Participating Retailers: please email Jocelyn Hayward at Jocelyn.Hayward@lung.org with any questions or concerns.

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