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State or CountyTotal PopulationPediatric AsthmaAdult AsthmaCOPDLung Cancer
Hawaii 1,431,603 30,864 112,671 48,336 724
Hawaii 196,428 4,291 15,151 6,892 99
Honolulu 998,714 21,333 79,203 33,353 505
Kalawao 89 0 8 5 0
Kauai 71,735 1,591 5,515 2,500 36
Maui 164,637 3,649 12,794 5,586 83

*DISCLAIMER: The numbers in this publication reflect the estimated prevalence and incidence of lung disease, and not the actual number. These estimates are based on state or national incidence and prevalence estimates applied to the age-specific population of each county; no adjustments are made for any other factors that may affect the actual local prevalence. When citing this information, please be careful to ensure that the nature and limitations of these estimates are understood.

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