When you can’t breathe…Nothing else matters.

Champ Camp offers kids with asthma the tools to overcome their lifelong fear of not being able to breathe.

Champ Camp changes the lives of children who suffer from asthma. The majority of them come from low-income families who, without support, cannot afford to send their kids to asthma camp.

What is Champ Camp?

Champ Camp is an educational program and weeklong summer camp for children ages 7-14 with asthma. At camp children gain confidence in themselves and their ability to take control of their asthma.

How can I help?

Sponsor a child TODAY, and help us change lives.

Camp is Educational?

Asthma is a burden if not handled properly, and can even be life-threatening! It's very important to identify and avoid triggers, stay active and stick to those prescribed meds! At camp we teach all three asthma management skills and more, and in the interim enrich lives by infusing empowerment into mindsets and daily routines.

Champ Camp has been around for HOW LONG?

For over 35 summers we have impacted thousands of lives. The campers come to us as children eager to grow and learn and become leaders within the community. Champ Camp helps transition campers over the years into mature, responsible youth & adults who efficiently and effectively manage their asthma.

When is Camp this Coming Summer?

Camp 2016 will be from July 17 - 23. Check back soon for more information!

For more information about Champ Camp, contact ChampCamp@Lungs.org.

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