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California Legacy Society Members

  • Ms. Jenny Bard
  • Mrs. Carol Becker
  • Ms. Laura Keegan Boudreau
  • Ms. Cheryl A. Calhoun
  • Jan H Cortez
  • Donna Damson
  • Dr. & Mrs. Afif El-hasan
  • Dr. & Mrs. Richard Fischel
  • Susan S. Griffin-Mccormick
  • Carlee Harmonson
  • Dr. Les Hata
  • Mrs. Bonnie Holmes-Gen
  • Mark Johnson
  • Ms. Barbara Koch
  • Ms. Charlene Lavezzoli
  • Ms. Anita Y. Lee
  • Mr. Stephen Legg
  • Mrs. Ellen Love
  • Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Maddalon
  • Ms. Josephine Markovich
  • Ms. Winifred E. Miller
  • Colby L. Morrow
  • Mr. Thomas D. Murch
  • Mr. Craig A. Nelson
  • Mr. Stephen R. O'Kane
  • Ms. Sue Padernacht
  • Gloria Parsons
  • Mrs. Betty L. Peabody
  • Mrs. Paul Quaintance
  • Marsha and Dave Ramos
  • Ms. Linda Regan
  • Ms. Star Reierson
  • Mrs. Terry M. Roberts
  • Ms. Jo Elyn Rose
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Slayton
  • Mr. Bo Smith
  • Carol D. Smith
  • Judith Takasugi
  • Dr. Betty A. Toole
  • Ms. Lotus Won
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