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Camp is over! Check back soon for 2016 information and dates!


Payment and forms: Campers are required to have all required forms and payment turned in by June 29 , 2015.  A minimum of $50 should be sent in with the forms to hold a spot for a camper unless you are applying for a campership. The remainder of $150 needs to be turned in by the above date.  Please make checks out to: American Lung Association of Utah.  If you would like to pay by credit card, you must contact us and pay over the phone. 

Arrival to camp: Campers will arrive to camp on Monday, July 13,  as follows: 9 a.m. 7-9 year olds; 9:30 a.m. 10-14 year olds.  DO NOT come before 9 a.m. The gates to Settlement Canyon are locked until 9 a.m. Directions to Camp Wyatt.

Pre-Camp Education: The 2012-2016 state asthma plan requires that we have a parent asthma education session. The 2009 Burden of Asthma Report released by the Utah Asthma Taskforce shows that the vast majority of children with asthma have never received an Asthma Action Plan or education on the importance of using one. The report also shows that very few individuals with asthma have been taught how to use a peak flow meter or taken an asthma education class.  Additionally, through the many years of asthma camp we have found that although we educate the children about their disease, it is the parents who typically manage it at home.  For this reason, we will have required one hour pre-camp education for parents via webinar. Dates to be determined  Failure to participate will result in a $25 increase in the price of your camp registration fee. 

Application: We are  looking for youth counselors and kitchen support. Please call 801.931.6041 and inquire about these opportunities or fill out and submit the Volunteer Form found in the "Forms" section of this webpage.

Training: Volunteers are expected to attend a 2-hour training session in late June . Date and an evening time to be determined. You must have been accepted to be a volunteer in order to attend.

Arrival to camp: Volunteers are expected to arrive to Camp by 1 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, 2015.  You will have time to get your cabin set-up, on site training and orientation, meet additional  camp volunteers and ALAU staff support and help in any final preparations for the campers arrival at 9 a.m. Monday, July 13, 2015.


Camper Profile (Required)

Camper Health Form (Required)

Packing List

Campership Form (Required if requesting financial aid)

A health form will be required if accepted to volunteer. This is not the same health form as the camper's have to fill out. You will receive the health form upon acceptance.

Volunteer Form


Imagine the inability to participate in sports or summer camp activities. Many asthmatic children are faced with this reality. Through close medical supervision, Camp Wyatt allows asthmatic children an opportunity to experience a rock wall, canoeing, swimming and field games.

The camp is for 7 to 14 year-olds who have moderate to severe asthma. Parents, too can relax knowing their child is under the supervision of around-the-clock medical personnel.

For decades, Camp Wyatt has provided children with asthma an opportunity to experience camping activities they may otherwise be denied due to their condition. It was designed specifically for children with asthma. Through educational activities, campers learn to understand and manage their illness while improving their self-esteem.

Our week-long camp provides an opportunity for both the child and family to work collaboratively in addressing issues surrounding asthma management.


Counselors and medical staff continue to reinforce the objectives of the American Lung Association Education Programs:

To improve the physical condition and psychological outlook of the child with asthma.
To educate the parent, child, and community about asthma and how to deal with it.
To improve self-management skills.


Staff includes over 50 volunteers, including physicians, registered respiratory therapists, registered nurses and trained counselors.

Camp Wyatt is staffed 24-hours a day by physicians and registered nurses, in order to meet the special needs of the campers. In addition, their peak flow is monitored twice a day.


Trained counselors, assisted by medical staff, supervise the children and encourage participation in a variety of activities, such as swimming, canoeing, field games and arts and crafts. In addition to traditional camping activities, children attend educational sessions, during which they learn asthma management techniques.


Camp Wyatt is affordable for everyone. The total cost per camper for the week is $200.  For those who cannot afford the $200 fee, there are "campership" opportunities.  Camperships will be rewarded in amounts between $25 - $200 depending on the needs of the camper.  Most camperships will be awarded in the amount of $50 - $100 to help spread out the financial burden for many families.  Please be understanding of this, as we are trying to help as many families as possible.  First time campers will be given priority for camperships over past participants.

For more information contact:

Jamie L. Riccobono, Executive Director

(801)931-6041 JRiccobono@Lungs.org

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