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American Lung Association to Host Workshop for Frankly Speaking About Cancer Event

(October 17, 2014)

The American Lung Association, in partnership with VermontersTaking Action Against Cancer, will host Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Lung Cancer,a free workshop for cancer patients and their families on Friday, November 7 at 5 p.m. at 55 Day Lane ( American Cancer Society). The workshop supports the Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series, providing sound medical and psychological information for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Participants are provided with a forum to further educate themselves. It is an opportunity, with others experiencing the same needs and concerns, to address issues and worries while learning more about the disease and other subjects. The workshop is funded by a grant provided by the Cancer Support Community.

 “Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Vermont, and the leading cause of cancer death, yet so there is little in the way of support specifically for patients diagnosed with lung cancer,” Rebecca Ryan, Senior Director of Health and Education Policy for the American Lung Association in Vermont said. “ This free program will help people with lung cancer, at any stage of illness, and their loved ones, become more active participants in treatment-decision making and will help them better cope with life during and after cancer treatment.”

This year’s workshop will feature speaker Nancy Hale, currently enrolled in a lung cancer clinical trial in Boston and Paul Colombo, who has been cancer-free for three years and hopes to connect with others who share his experience. “I’m looking to gain perspectives,” said Columbo.” When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you leave the world you used to be in, so you’re hungry to find out what others in that new world have experienced,”  Doctors Claire Verschragen, MD director of Vermont Cancer Clinic and Gerald Davis, MD physician leader of Fletcher Allen Health Care Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic,  will also speak at this year’s workshop.

To find out more about the workshop visit For registration, lodging and travel assistance, contact Rebecca Ryan at 802.876.6862 or

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