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American Lung Association in California Applauds Governor’s Signature on Landmark Climate Bill

(October 7, 2015)

The American Lung Association in California applauds the Governor’s action today to establish far reaching new clean energy goals for California by signing SB 350 (De Leon and Leno) into law. SB 350 will improve air quality and health, and maintain California's strong leadership on climate policy.  We thank Senate Pro Tem De Leon and Senator Leno for their incredibly hard work on SB 350 and we look forward to working with the Governor, state legislature and state agencies to achieve the goals of boosting renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Driven by our mission to improve lung health and prevent lung disease, we believe that SB 350 will ensure that air quality benefits will reach all communities.
Largely due to fossil fuels, California is home to the most polluted air in the United States and our severe air quality problems are leading to thousands of premature deaths and hospitalizations every year as well as billions in health costs.  State climate leadership, including the goals of SB 350, will drive down pollution and help deliver cleaner alternatives to harmful fossil fuels.  We remain committed to promoting healthier air and climate for all California communities, particularly the most vulnerable individuals affected by pollution including children, seniors and those with existing lung disease.  We thank our Doctors for Climate Health and health organizations around the state for working together with us to support California’s climate leadership and SB 350.
As we move forward, we will redouble our efforts to ratchet down fossil fuel emissions and promote low carbon and zero emission energy solutions for all sectors in California. In addition to the new state renewable energy goals, we support the Governor’s goals of reducing petroleum consumption and putting 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on the road by 2025.
The American Lung Association in California applauds the historic action done today, and plans to continue our critical fight against lung-damaging pollution caused by oil and other fossil fuels.

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