In-Depth Resources

Look below for more details on air quality topics and ongoing efforts to keep the air healthy.


State of the Air
Go here to type in your zip code to find your community’s air quality grade. This national air quality “report card” issues A-F grades to communities across the country. The State of the Air report ranks cities and counties most affected by the three most widespread types of pollution.

Toxic Air: The Case for Cleaning Up Coal-fired Power Plants
The American Lung Association released this report that documents the range of hazardous air pollutants emitted from power plants and the urgent need to clean them up to protect public health. The report highlights the wide range of uncontrolled pollutants from these plants including: toxic metals and metal-like substances such as arsenic and lead; mercury; dioxins; chemicals known or thought to cause cancer, including formaldehyde, benzene and radioisotopes; and acid gases such as hydrogen chloride.