Fighting for Healthy Air

Six out of ten Americans live in areas where air pollution reaches unhealthy levels. The American Lung Association leads the fight for healthy air every day. We fight for stronger clean air standards, lower power plant emissions, and cleaner diesel fuels and vehicles. 


Strict national clean air standards and enforcement of laws like the Clean Air Act can dramatically improve air quality.  Learn more about the federal government's role in making our air healthy. >> Learn more

State and Community

States and communities work to ensure that polluters clean up their acts.  Find out how your community compares to others around the United States.  Learn what can be done to achieve healthy air in your area. >> Learn more

Take Action

Join the American Lung Association's fight to help everyone breathe easier.  Support national, state and local efforts to clean up sources of air pollution. Your life and the life of someone you love may depend on it. >> Learn more