Preventing Problems

Whether you are living in your current home or want to build or remodel, make healthy air your goal.  To do that, first, control the sources and second, ventilate.  Here are easy, but important steps for keeping unhealthy air out of your home.  For more details, click on the links in each tip.

Keep Sources of Pollution Out of Your Home     

The best way to protect your family at home is to avoid air pollution in the first place. Here are some of the most important steps you can take:

  • Make sure no one smokes indoors.
  • Keep rain, groundwater and humid air outside.
  • Protect against radon, a leading cause of lung cancer. 
  • Make sure anything that burns gas is vented to the outdoors. 

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Ventilate To Clean Dirty Air Indoors

Fresh air needs to come indoors; air pollution from indoors needs to go outside. Be sure to do the following:

  • Install and run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Completely vent gas-burning stoves, dryers or water heaters to the outside.
  • Open windows and use extra exhaust fans when you're working with paints or chemicals indoors. 
  • Don't idle your car in an attached garage. 

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Tips for New Construction or Remodeling

  • Plan your home for the climate where you live. 
  • Plan to keep moisture out.  That means rain, groundwater and humid air.
  • Make sure fresh air can get in and dirty air out.
  • Keep radon out.
  • Avoid building products that add or keep pollution indoors.
  • Leave old lead paint and asbestos alone, if possible. If they must be removed, seek professional help.

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Looking To Save Energy?

We all want to save energy in our homes. But not everything you can do to make your home more energy efficient is good for the air in your home. Click here for tips for doing both.