Volunteer of the Week

Heidi Miller

Heidi Miller

Heidi Miller has been Chair of the Southern Arizona Area Board for the past two years. During this time she has been passionate about three things:

1.   Building a solid local area-Board of committed volunteers in Tucson.
2.   Personally contributing to the association; securing a corporate gift from Kindred Hospital; and captaining a team for the annual Fight for Air Walk in Tucson.
3.   Getting involved in local program activities, especially those that address COPD and other lung conditions.

Heidi continually challenges other members of the Area Board to provide financial support to the association. She clearly leads by example. She does not ask members to make a contribution until she makes her personal contribution; she is always first to sign up as a team captain for the walk; and she and her Kindred Hospital staff do several in-house local fundraising activities to raise money for the walk. Two years ago, she participated in the Miami, Florida stair climb event raising money on the travel team.

In December 2009, the local Executive Director retired and funds were not available to hire a replacement. Heidi took on the responsibility to take a more active role in developing the local Board and recruiting new volunteers. During regular meetings of the Area Board, Heidi makes certain that by the end of the meeting that all members know what their assignments are, and the outcome that is expected from each member before the next meeting.

As CEO for Kindred Hospital, Heidi has worked passionately to help make sure respiratory patients that are seen at their facility know about the association’s annual Respiratory Rally events. She has also volunteered to distribute flyers on the event at area medical offices.