Valerie Koenig

Valerie Koenig is a volunteer with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic in the Pittsburgh office. She serves on the Pittsburgh Leadership Board as well as the event committees for both local events: the Pittsburgh Gala committee and the Pittsburgh Fight for Air Climb committee. Valerie goes above and beyond in helping the American Lung Association in Pittsburgh reach its goals. Every year, Valerie forms a team for the annual Fight for Air Climb. Last year, her team brought in $985! Valerie is a joy to be around and her positive attitude and hard work really helps to bring the board and committee together.

Valerie has a personal connection to the American Lung Association and the mission; her father recently passed away from COPD and emphysema. Valerie organized all memorial donations for her father to be given to the American Lung Association, specifically for a Freedom from Smoking program in Pittsburgh. Valerie works hard to get other people in the communities who have family members and friends that are diagnosed with lung disease to get involved and help the cause. Her passion and effort in the community means a lot to the American Lung Association.