Tricia Fegley

Tricia Fegley has been a tireless supporter of the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania’s York Fight for Air Walk. Tricia put together her first team for the annual October event three years ago. She participated in memory of her uncle, who died of lung disease.

From that very humble beginning, Tricia then went on to serve on the Leadership Team for the Fight for Air Walk. At the same time, she expanded her participation by becoming a participant in the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic’s annual Pasta Run. Tricia also helps with Walk wrap-around events, including sub sales, the New York City bus trip, and the Yell Bingo and Save Lives event.

Tricia has a great personality, coupled with determination, enthusiasm and drive to get tasks at hand accomplished completely and on time. Being a stay-at-home mom has provided Tricia with the opportunity to help the American Lung Association in additional ways, including working with more than 40 internet calendar listings for the walk and other events.

Tricia has the ability to work with people in a caring and professional way at the same time. That is not a skill that is taught, rather it is acquired via life's experiences. Tricia’s life skills place her as a seasoned volunteer beyond her years.