Tonna Flatt

Tonna has served as the Springfield, Illinois Asthma Walk family team chair for the past 3 years. She has proudly accepted her leadership role by taking charge of Asthma Walk committee meetings, working to recruit new community volunteers, and spreading the word about the importance of Asthma research and education. She has met with others in the community and has successfully recruited new teams and supporters. This year, we gave her the opportunity to try team mentoring, allowing her to form stronger relationships with other Asthma Walk volunteers and assisting as the bridge between those volunteers and the American Lung Association.

Tonna is a great brainstormer. She brought to each committee meeting many new ideas, which ultimately inspired the other members. She is a photographer and helped create the Asthma Walk Kick-off Luncheon theme, "The Faces of Asthma." She donated her time and talent by taking beautiful pictures of Springfield area residents who suffer from asthma. She helped us enlarge each picture and they were placed around the room at the Luncheon. These pictures were representations of the reason every person was present at the Luncheon and helped make a powerful statement. She took this idea one step further and created thank you cards with similar pictures.

Tonna serves as our "story." She and her family are severely affected by asthma. By telling her story and serving as an ambassador for the Asthma Walk, she reaches out to the community and shares the importance of research for the promotion of lung health. Tonna is one of the Asthma Walk's top fundraising teams and has been since she she began her involvement. Ultimately, the money raised contributes to the success of the event, which helps to fund research for the prevention of lung disease.

Tonna is always thinking about what we can do next and is not afraid to try anything. She has graciously served as an ambassador in the fight against lung disease not only at the Asthma walk, but at all our events. Tonna has also been a huge supporter of Smoke Free Springfield, which passed in 2006.