Timothy Frie

Timothy Frie is the type of volunteer that most American Lung Associations dream about engaging.  At the age of 17, his commitment to the health of his community is inspiring.  Tim is a nursing student at Polytech High School in Woodside, Delaware.  Following a personal diagnosis with Asthma, Tim and his friends decided to take action.  One of Tim's passions is long distance running.  For Asthmatics running is often a missed pastime.   This fact did not deter Tim.  He and his friends hosted the Breath for Life 5K for Asthma in Silver Lake Park, Delaware on January 9th, 2010.  Now, anyone who has organized a large race will tell you that it is a challenge, but even more so is to have success with one in the month of January.   Tim and his friends successfully raised $1,300 and garnered a lot of media attention, but more importantly the event connected 65 new friends with the life changing work of the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic in Delaware.  Kudos to Tim!

In a time when the average age of a volunteer is above the age of 50, to have such a mature young man devoted to a cause is a reason to celebrate.  Because of his dedication and professionalism to the cause of combating Asthma in the State of Delaware, the American Lung Association is proud to honor Timothy Frie as Volunteer of the Week.