Tim Beals

One could only dream of having someone as knowledgeable and capable as Tim Beals, with his 29 years in Emergency Medical Services, volunteering his services to their organization's largest cycling fundraiser. The American Lung Association of Maine is just that lucky! Tim started volunteering with the Lung Association in Maine in 1993 as a volunteer Medic on a fledging medical team. Tim now leads the Trek Across Maine Medical Team which consists of 16 cycling Medics, 4 medical vans and personnel, and an emergency medical communications van, fully equipped with communications devices, personnel and life saving equipment.

In June of 2004, the Trek Across Maine had 1600 cycling participants and 300 volunteers, and from 6 am to 6 pm, Tim and the medical team he so ably directs is in full charge of the participants medical needs. No easy feat, unless you are Tim Beals.
Tim said "In 1998 I was contacted as Executive Director of Delta Ambulance to determine our willingness in sponsoring medical coverage at the Trek. Since agreeing to do so, I commend my management team of Dan Palladino and Bill McKenna for their wholehearted support of this endeavor, for without their commitment we surely would not have been successful." Without taking credit himself, Tim always highlights his team. Without a doubt, Tim's dedication and leadership of the medical team is a key component to the Trek, allowing us the ability to raise the funds needed for the work we do here in Maine.