Susan Glover-Sims

Susan Glover-Sims is a very busy guidance counselor who feels very strongly against teen smoking, the promotion of lung health, and the prevention of lung disease. She is involved in the local Asthma Walk and e-Advocacy, but her biggest commitment is to the Not-On-Tobacco Program. Susan coordinates two N-O-T groups for teenagers at Heritage High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Susan has been known to supplement the N-O-T curriculum by using videos and guest speakers to engage her students. She also personally provides snacks and uses a rotating schedule to maintain interest in the program. Susan is able to retain students in the program and many have quit smoking because of her initiatives. The teens that go through the N-O-T program at Heritage High are very attached to Susan, often giving her the credit for their success. "I couldn't do it without Ms. Glover," said one student.

Personal investment is key in getting across the message about the dangers of smoking and using tobacco. Susan has gone to her faculty and expressed her commitment by discussing the N-O-T program and encouraging others to become trained facilitators. Even when Susan was hospitalized with medical complications, she remained loyal to the program and its participants, contacting them via e-mail from her laptop.

The American Lung Association in Virginia recognizes the commitment and involvement Susan Glover-Sims has made to not only the N-O-T Program, but to the mission of the organization as a whole.