Steve Conwell

Steve Conwell is a salesman with a mission. Imagine the surprise on the faces of clients who, instead of the usual sales pitch, receive information on the importance of the mission of the American Lung Association. He still makes the ask on behalf of his company but he also makes an ask on behalf of the Lung Association. He first questions clients about how they are involved in the community and then tells them about his work with the association.

According to Peggy Nolan, the association’s Regional Vice President, Resource Development in Dallas/Fort Worth, “Steve is a networking giant. At every networking session he attends, everyone in the room knows of his involvement with the ALA, and he will try to get each of them connected to our mission.”

Steve’s personal mission is to make the Dallas Leadership Council as strong as possible. He works very hard to get the right people on the council in order to accomplish the association’s goals. Under his direction, the Dallas Leadership Council has increased not only in size but in stature. He has helped to identify the needs of the Council in terms of diversity and areas of expertise and leadership.

He is committed to furthering the mission through funding research, raising awareness, and producing quality events. He leads by example, being the first volunteer to sign up for everything. He works shoulder to shoulder with volunteers and staff, making calls and carrying out any assignment given.

Steve’s consistent commitment to the American Lung Association is personal. His sister-in-law struggles with asthma and both of his wife’s grandfathers lost their lives to lung disease. The Asthma Walk became the launching point for Steve’s participation. He wears many hats including Dallas Leadership Council Chair, Dallas Fight for Air Climb Committee, and he represents the association at Clean Air meetings around the area. Peggy Nolan says, “As a volunteer, Steve Conwell gets it and runs with it.”