Stacy Howle

Stacy Howle has volunteered for the American Lung Association in Delaware as both a committee member and an event volunteer. Stacy recognizes the importance of the American Lung Association mission through the personal experience of having a relative with lung disease and also through her work at the American Lung Association in Delaware. Stacy's volunteer activities throughout the many years she has been active in helping have given her much exposure to those who are affected daily by lung disease.

Stacy has been a committed and engaged volunteer for many years. She has volunteered at the Breath of Spring Gala and Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. More recently, she volunteered as a committee member and participant in the American Lung Association in Delaware's first Fight For Air Climb. Stacy's team, Swoosh 99, was the largest team, one of the top fundraising teams, and also qualified as the fastest team. Stacy and her team are already planning for the 2013 Climb!

Stacy is always looking for ways to help, whether it's standing out in the cold doing registration for the half marathon, designing name tents for the gala, or coaching her soccer team on how to raise money for the Fight For Air Climb. Stacy's passion for helping to make events successful is evident by her community outreach efforts. She thinks nothing of reaching out to her many connections in the community, at her workplace, and at her church. Stacy is determined to keep the mission of the American Lung Association in her activities throughout the year. She is always looking for the next auction item, event participant, or new sponsor.

Stacy's commitment to helping others in the community is inspiring and motivating. As a preschool teacher and a mother of teenagers, she has a wonderful ability to mobilize families and engage them in activities that benefit those in need. Stacy is not afraid to ask for anything, and her energy and enthusiasm for the American Lung Association's work has a contagious effect on those around her.