Rick Gregg

Rick Gregg’s volunteer work is a major contribution to supporting the goals of the American Lung Association’s strategic plan. He is a strong advocate for Idle Free Massachusetts, a campaign against running the engine of a vehicle while it is not going anywhere. Gregg has worked with the ALA since 2001 to bring idle-free awareness and education throughout the state. Last year Rick was instrumental in making legislation for idle-free school campuses throughout Massachusetts possible. Through the passage of this legislation and through ongoing efforts, Rick has helped protect the lung health of hundreds of thousands of children and adults, and is helping to educate the public on the health effects from engine idling.

Rick’s creativity has been a major factor in brining the issue of idling to the public’s attention. He has also worked with the Department of Environmental Protection for many years and serves as a facilitator and educator at many of their programs for bus drivers and town/city employees throughout Massachusetts. He is looked upon as a thought leader in the idle-free movement and has been called upon not only by those in his home state wanting help and guidance, but from many other states as well.

By protecting so many children and adults from vehicle exhaust, Rick is preventing lung disease as well as promoting lung health. The idle-free legislation has triggered an education campaign within ALA in Massachusetts, and Leadership Board members throughout the state are engaged with helping their school systems spread the word. This campaign is spreading throughout New England as well, thus providing many opportunities for other volunteers.