Rick DeDonato

Creative Works Volunteer

Rick DeDonato has been a long-time volunteer for the American Lung Association in Delaware, donating hundreds of hours of creative time to help with special events. Rick designs event logos, program book covers, advertisements, posters, and so much more. Through Rick’s work, the ALA in Delaware is able to bring a “vision” to fruition, or fine-tune a logo so that it reflects the “feel” of what the association is focusing on during a special event. Rick works with ALA in Delaware event staff to produce a high-quality visual, while consistently maintaining the ALA brand. Rick’s creative side has inspired staff and volunteers in many ways, making the events lively and fun, but always focused on the mission.

Rick goes above and beyond to help translate an idea into a reality. No matter how many times he is asked to tweak a concept, or how many years he has been asked to update a logo, he does it willingly and professionally. Rick has also pitched in at ALA in Delaware events, acting as a Guest Bartender (which includes fundraising for the ALA), as well as serving as a great ambassador for helping the association reach into the community and open new doors. Through Rick’s suggestion, the ALA in Delaware was able to receive $500 worth of logoed items to use as high fundraiser incentives for the association’s half-marathon. Rick attends events, helps staff and volunteers think out of the box, and brings an element of creativity and artistry to everything he works on for the association.

Sue DeNardo, Development Director for the ALA of the Mid-Atlantic, says of Rick, “I have worked with Rick for many years, and it has been a pleasure. Rick has taken on a new position as a marketing manager for a pest solution company, so all the work he does for the ALA is after hours on his own time. I am sure that he is approached by many others, as his talent is well-known in our area, but Rick continues to stay committed to the ALA. Rick’s enthusiasm for our cause has become infectious, as his girlfriend, Nancy, has also volunteered for the ALA, both as a gala committee member and a course volunteer for our half marathon.”

Rick DeDonato is an example of a kind-hearted person who gives of himself for no other reason than he cares. His life is extremely busy with work and family, yet in the many years he has been volunteering with the ALA in Delaware, he has never turned down a request or an opportunity to help. His work is professional, creative, and has helped the association greatly to promote special events. He takes an idea and develops it so that people want to learn more, and ultimately attend the event. He is a great guy, a fantastic volunteer, and very deserving of the Volunteer of the Week recognition.