John Rendle and Bob Donnelly, and the Delaware Society for Respiratory Care (DSRC)

The Delaware Society for Respiratory Care (DSRC) is an advocate for Respiratory Therapists, patients, and the public. Their work and commitment to professional excellence compliments the mission of the ALA. The members of the DSRC constantly look for ways to support our mission through fundraising activities as well as support of our programs. These efforts are often spearheaded by John Rendle and Bob Donnelly, who are active members on the Delaware Leadership Board. They have run third-party events on behalf of the association and are involved in almost every event, either as volunteers or as part of a planning committee. The DSRC is consistently engaged in fundraising activities and educational/outreach programs that highlight and promote the American Lung Association.

Since 2009, the DSRC has taken responsibility for running an annual Guest Bartender Night. This event requires lots of creativity in terms of developing and promoting a theme, working with bartenders (many are celebrities) to encourage them to fundraise, promoting the event to the public, and finding ways to keep the event fresh and exciting. In the two years that they have managed the event (both years in a depressed economy), they have raised nearly $40,000 for the American Lung Association. They have also raised additional funds through third party golf events.

In addition to the very important task of working to raise revenue to support our programs, the DSRC also works to educate the public about the association’s mission and the importance of lung health. They have worked with the development staff over the past year to recruit vendors and make other professional introductions. They volunteer their time at Asthma Camp, promote all ALA events, and hold their own fundraisers to help support the camp.

The DSRC is heavily involved with most of the association’s programs, and has advocated for lung issues. Through their work with Asthma Camp and other educational initiatives, they are directly involved in our hands-on programs. Their dedication is shown not only through events and program support, but also through their involvement with the local and Mid-Atlantic Leadership boards.

According to Kelli Burris, Regional Vice President - Delaware with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic, “the members of DSRC have consistently supported the American Lung Association by committing to helping us in every facet of our operation. Their assistance in reaching out to prospective partners, helping identify patients who could benefit from our programs, and personal involvement in planning and executing fundraising initiatives has been the backbone of much of our success. We could not do much of the work we do without their continued support. Thank you John, Bob and DSRC!”