Pete Harper, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Pete Harper serves as our local asthma champion for primary care clinics throughout Minnesota. The clinic systems-change project that Dr. Harper leads is part of a large volunteer asthma collaborative in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Controlling Asthma in American Cities. As a leader in the clinic systems-change project, he cheers on other clinics to do their best in managing their patients with asthma and lung disease. Dr. Harper's dynamic personality makes him a big hit when talking at the clinics involved in the systems-change project. He uses games and "real world" situations to excite others to raise the bar on the care they are giving their patients with asthma. Monthly data is collected on these patients at the clinic level.

Through his involvement in the clinic systems-change project, Dr. Harper assists American Lung Association staff in promoting exceptional primary care for people with asthma and other lung diseases. In addition to leading the project (in which 22 Minnesota clinics participate or have participated), he also leads his own clinic's asthma program and champions the asthma projects at four family medicine residency program clinics. Through the American Cities project, Dr. Harper also leads the Networking Workgroup. Each project/workgroup is made up of volunteers who have a passion to improve the lives of patients with asthma.

Dr. Harper works hard to ensure that his own patients with asthma, as well as those in the community, have their illness under control. His ultimate goal for his patients with asthma is to have control of their disease and improved lung health. Dr. Harper has also been a vocal advocate of health policies surrounding asthma medication. This year, he participated in the first annual Asthma Walk and is also a supporter of Camp SuperKids, the American Lung Association's summer camp for kids with asthma. Through his work as a physician, a leader, and a Lung Association volunteer, Dr. Harper is succeeding in improving the lives of people with asthma.