Orlando Firefighters

A group of firefighters from Orlando, Florida, took their commitment to helping others to new levels through their support of the American Lung Association. By tirelessly promoting a recent event, Climbing Heights for Lung Cancer, through countless hours dedicated to physical training and publicity, these men and women helped raise over $55,000!

Mark Aguilar, Troy Feliciano, Josue Rivera, Jared Boes, Will Flinn, Ryan Garner, Alexandria Laure, Brent Moss and Randy Chaney II added on to their rigorous firefighting training by preparing others to participate in the 25 story star climb. They determined that helping others physically prepare for the event would not only promote the fight against lung cancer, but would also inspire people to achieve their fitness goals while training for a worthy cause. To inspire more people to participate, the firefighters participated in rigorous exercise classes, including Spinning, Pilates, and a Latin based cardio class, all while wearing their full firefighting gear! They attended various promotional events and took every opportunity to get people excited to fight lung cancer.

These volunteers went far beyond their original commitments to community service through their incredible support of the American Lung Association. With very little guidance, they learned as much as they could about lung cancer and found ways for others to get involved with local Lung Association chapters. Although the physical challenges of difficult exercise classes wearing full gear were substantial, many of the  firefighters have already voiced their excitement for next year's stairclimb and the opportunity to raise even more money for valuable research. It is a privilege to have such dedicated and committed volunteers, and the American Lung Association is proud to name these firefighters Volunteers of the Week.