Neil Kao

As the Chairman of the Leadership Board of the American Lung Association serving the Upstate of South Carolina, Dr. Kao serves in multiple capacities, and is a true asset to the organization. Whether setting an example as a sponsor for every fundraising event held since the re-organization of our Chartered Association or volunteering in many other capacities, Dr. Kao never says no to a request or challenge. In addition to his efforts in fundraising, Dr. Kao offers his medical practice as a venue for promoting Better Breathers Club and Freedom From Smoking clinics.

Dr. Kao never stops at thinking of ways to raise funds for the American Lung Association including bringing in “big” names to assist in fundraising efforts and programs. In 2010, he invited Keisha Kirkland, a local meteorologist and wife of a former NFL football player to join the local Leadership Board. Not only is Keisha a local celebrity with great ties to a huge media outlet in the area, but Keisha is currently battling lung cancer and has been for several years.

Thanks to Dr. Kao’s leadership, staff and volunteers created three Better Breathers Clubs, launched the first Freedom From Smoking clinic, and the association will be sending five children to asthma camp in Charleston in the summer of 2011. Without the leadership of Dr. Kao as the Chairman of our Leadership Board and consistent sponsor of our events, these accomplishments would not have been possible.

Tiffany Haney, ALA Regional Director serving the Upstate of South Carolina states, “As a one person office, I have found Dr. Kao's leadership to be the backbone of our chapter of the American Lung Association. Without his leadership none of our accomplishments in fundraising or programs would have been possible. He is the perfect example of what every volunteer and board member should be.”