Michael Crawley

Member, Local Board or Executive Committee

Michael has been a strong advocate for lung disease through efforts in volunteering on boards and committees, participating in programs, and fundraising events. Michael has also shown creativity in bringing asthma and lung disease to the attention of communities in Rhode Island. He has reached out to the media and discussed what it is like to have asthma as well as help others understand the importance of managing it more effectively

In helping the Lung Association achieve its mission, Michael was the top fundraiser at the Providence Climb and recruited many others to climb with him. As a CPA, he is also an active member of the ALA of New England regional Finance Committee. Mike currently serves as the Chair of the Rhode Island Leadership Board. He has also been active in many Rhode Island clean air initiatives and represents the ALA's positions very effectively.

As Chair of the Leadership Board in his state, Mike is constantly working to engage other board members and volunteers to help carry out the ALA mission. Mike has been a key volunteer with the Rhode Island stair climbs and served on the Climb Committee for both the Providence and the McCoy Climbs. Mike has been a supporter of the ALA by forming teams for the Climb Providence and Conquer McCoy stadium stair climbs, and has attended our Gala event in Boston. Mike has also been a media spokesperson on asthma and lung disease, and is very active in boards and committees within the ALA of New England.