Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes has been volunteering at the American Lung Association Santa Clara San Benito Counties for over 5 years and she has been a true asset. She has played an important part in getting our newsletters out as she is the person that folds, staples and labels them all. She also represents our agency at many of the health fairs we are invited to. Mary always does an impeccable job with a positive attitude and she is always dependable and on time. She is often willing to come in when we call her at the last minute and she will even reschedule other plans to come and help us.

Mary makes other volunteers feel very comfortable when working with her, which is a great help to us as it makes them be more enthusiastic about volunteering for the American Lung Association Santa Clara San Benito Counties. Furthermore, she has helped recruit valuable volunteers to our organization. Without Mary's help, we would not have been able to get as many mailings out to the community as we have, nor would they have been done in a timely manner.

We are truly grateful for having a volunteer like Mary.