Mary DalPiaz

Mary DalPiaz is a certified registered nurse practitioner and a certified asthma educator. She volunteers as the educational nurse for the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic’s annual Camp AsthmaCadabra. She stays all four days at the overnight camp and also helps in the infirmary.

Mary takes time out of her busy schedule to accommodate the needs of Camp AsthmaCadabra. She has not only provided the asthma education but has come up with interesting activities to help the children learn how to manage their disease. Mary has the ability to use her knowledge and years of experience to bring asthma management and treatment education alive with hands on activities that the children enjoy. The campers have a great time at her sessions and they are learning at the same time. The children Mary educates come from diverse backgrounds and she makes sure that the activities are understandable by all. She has also helped with outreach to diverse populations.

Mary attends camper selection meetings and arranges for getting the materials needed for the educational sessions at camp, including the Open Airways for Schools curriculum. She stays for the entire length of the camp and is available 24 hours a day for any medical emergency that may arise. Mary is also a talented photographer. Each year, she provides the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic with a photographic history of the camp.

Mary has made every effort to be available whenever she is needed and she goes above and beyond in her efforts at the camp.