Marty Lannon

Marty Lannon is a courageous volunteer who is always willing to share his personal experiences to fight for clean air. He began speaking at local schools seven years ago, educating students about the effects of smoking. Mr. Lannon knows that his experiences as a COPD patient are powerful examples of the importance of lung health, and he passionately shares his story with others.

Mr. Lannon brings a sense of community and to other COPD patients in the Twin Cities area. His friendships with other patients and their families provide support and encouragement, and he shares any resources he can find with the entire community. He participates in support groups and has spoken to national Board Members about his volunteering. Through everything, Mr. Lannon is committed to improving lung health through any possible means.

Aside from his personal efforts, Mr. Lannon makes lung health a family commitment. He encouraged his children, their spouses and even his grandchildren to participate in the 2008 American Lung Association Race Up the Place in St. Paul, Minnesota. His relatives collected pledges and then climbed more than 700 steps of the Wells Fargo building, where Mr. Lannon and his wife waited to present medals.

The American Lung Association recognizes Mr. Lannon’s commitment to lung health and his willingness to share his personal experiences. Volunteers like Mr. Lannon who work tirelessly to improve lung health are a critical part of the organization, and it is with great pride that the American Lung Association presents Marty Lannon as our Volunteer of the Week.