Mark Carey

Mark Carey began his relationship with the American Lung Association in high school. He wrote an essay about the Christmas Seals direct mail campaign and its significance in American history. This early introduction to lung health issues eventually resulted in a career in Respiratory Therapy that has lasted over 30 years.

In his current position as Director of Clinical Education for the Respiratory Care Program at Seminole Community College, Mark is advancing the cause of the American Lung Association as a professional and a volunteer. As a professor, he has successfully recruited his students to carry on his legacy of service to lung health with the American Lung Association. As an Open Airways for Schools Facilitator for 18 years, Mark has taught hundreds of students, teachers, and parents at the Dream Lake Elementary School how to manage their Asthma, a chronic disease that is responsible for over 4,000 needless deaths every year!

Mark typically teaches 3-4 classes a year with some years reaching up to 8. His dedication was not even tempered by a 2003 military deployment. Mark was forced to deploy in the middle of teaching a class, yet, between his shifts as an Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Officer, he stayed connected with the class through his assistants.

In addition to the Open Airways for Schools program, Mark also enjoys the Orlando Asthma Walk. When asked why he volunteers, Mark responded, "I love volunteering!" The American Lung Association reciprocates this love for Mark and is glad to honor him as our Volunteer of the Week.