Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, a Lieutenant with the City of Kirkland Fire Department in Washington, is a very unique volunteer with a special skill that he brings to the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. Mark provides leadership and encouragement for participants in the Climb for Clean Air event, a climb to the top of Mount Rainer in Washington State. Climbers must physically prepare to climb the famous 14,410 foot mountain, as well as raise at least $3,750 for the American Lung Association. He helps ensure their personal success and the financial success of the event through his positive attitude and unsurpassed knowledge of Mt. Rainier and what it takes to prepare for such a feat.

Mark creates a training plan for the climbers that involves gradually increasing levels of difficulty and opportunities to increase endurance. He also leads detailed sessions about the necessary climbing gear, clothing and nutrition. The training plan he has created for this event prepares climbers mentally as well as physically. He is careful to bring the climbers along gradually, so as not to overwhelm them, as they undertake this enormous life challenge. His gentle encouragement is a huge factor in each climber’s success.

Mark has been a steadfast supporter for many years. His leadership on this event has helped the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific raise more than $4 million throughout the event’s 24-year history. Mark serves as lead guide to a group of eight additional training guides. Under his leadership, the other guides take turns leading the group on various training hikes. There is a strong sense of camaraderie among all of the guides, which gives the climbers a very strong comfort level when participating in the training. His positive attitude and belief in them is an inspiration to the climbers as they take part in this event; and through his actions he is an incredible advocate and ambassador for the American Lung Association.

Mark’s efforts touch many areas, as the funds raised by the climbers he guides are used to support the important programs of the ALA. Mark schedules his vacations around preparations for the event and also uses personal vacation time so that he is available to lead the training hikes and meetings for the participants. He shares his personal cell phone number with all climbers, and encourages them to call at any time (day or night) with questions or concerns. His knowledge base and enthusiasm for the Climb for Clean Air are key to the success of this event, which has become a major fundraiser for the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. His generous spirit is a gift to the American Lung Association and the many climbers he has led and inspired.